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Episode #58

Richard Ostler

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Former Mormon Bishop & LBGTQ Advocate Teaches Us How To Love and Build Bridges



Guest Bio:

Richard Ostler is a Utah Native that currently resides in South Salt Lake City. Richard attended both BYU and the University of Utah with a focus on Business Managment. Richard currently resides with his wife and their 6 children.


Richard has become very popular via Social Media recently because of his different outlook on life-based on different theories than a lot of his peers that are of the same religion. Richard or better known by his Social Media following as "Papa Ostler" is an active LDS member and a former Singles Ward Bishop. During his time as an LDS Bishop, he realized that a lot of the members in his ward were leaning one way versus the other. That is when Richard decided to take things into his own matters by learning more about the other side and being a great person. 


Richard now is known as a loving Mormon who is very accepting of all ways of life and communities. His goal is to be able to teach people why he thinks the way he does and what truly drives him to be a loving person.

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Show Notes


  • Introduction (2:58)

  • How Richard became an advocate for the LGBTQ community (4:30)
  • Finding how to truly lean in to love someone (5:21)
  • How did individuals start to trust Richard (7:47)
  • Jimmy's background with religion and dealing with similar situations (9:51)
  • How are individuals dealing with staying LDS while being Homosexual (18:11)
  • Helping others grow and all organizations succeeding (27:19)
  • Does Richard worry about his message not falling in the guidlines as the Religion (30:58)
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