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Episode #70

Rick Clayton

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Founder of Hogi Yogi Explains the Process he Used to be Wildly Successful at a Young Age



Guest Bio:

Rick Clayton is the ultimate entrepreneur who has developed a network, business, and family life that some can only dream of. Rick started his first business in 1988 when he was a freshman at Brigham Young University, where he would sell computer software to university bookstores. After selling that company for a good amount of money, he then started his next venture with his older brother, Hogi Yogi. Hogi Yogi grew very fast as one of the best fast food restaurants which eventually grew to 7 different states with multiple restaurants inside of each location.


After selling Hogi Yogi to a large equity firm, Rick then started Wasatch Wing & Clays, which is a business that he combined with his passion of hunting. 


Rick has sat on boards of like BYU Cougar Club, where he spent 8 years as the president, the Stadium of Fire, and multiple non-profit causes like Keys to Success.


Rick is known for his massive network and his willingness to give back to his community and other non-profits.

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Show Notes


  • Introduction (1:50)

  • Rick starting his first business while being a freshman in college (3:10)

  • How Rick and his brother opened their first Hogi Yogi (8:26)

  • How opening their BYU Location blew up their business (10:27)

  • Why they started franchising out stores (12:20)

  • Selling Hogi Yogi (19:23)

  • Starting Wasatch Wing & Clays (21:30)

  • How Rick balances his work/life balance (28:05)

  • Working with non-profits now and helping his community (31:33)

  • The power of throwing an event to network and raise money (36:55)

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