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Episode #191

Ryan Gardner

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Co-Founder of "Bucked Up" Supplements Shares His Inspiring Story To The Top

Guest Bio:
Ryan has been involved in a very successful Internet marketing company since 2001 when the Internet began! Promoting everything from supplements, biz opp, and lead generation. With his twin brother Jeff Gardner, their affiliate network (with only 3 other employees) did over $25M+ in revenue in 2010 driving traffic. Ryan and Jeff also saw that social media was trending and started their own Social media agency in the beginning of 2015.

Eventually, Ryan and Jeff realized it was best to promote their own offer and products.

His involvement with Deer Antler Spray began before it became headline news with professional sports. Ryan purchased the domain name in 2013 prior to Ray Lewis getting accused of taking it before the Super Bowl and sales exploded overnight. Ryan says it was "Right Time...Right Place" and attributes it to being blessed and by working smart and hard. Shortly after the Super Bowl he got Deer Antler Spray into GNC and sold thousands of bottles a week for the next two years. Ryan, with the help of Jose Reyes who owned his own GNC, came up with the idea to launch a Pre Workout. Despite the wishes and threat of being "grounded" by his parents he purchased for $1500 and named the first pre workout "Bucked Up". With a great logo, flavor profile, right ingredients, and a non proprietary blend the company has never looked back and making waves in the supplement industry.


Show Notes


  • Introduction (3:51)

  • Growing up on a farm  (4:09)

  • Constantly staying ahead of curve (5:52)

  • Getting into the Supplement World (10:56)

  • The birth of Deer Antler Spray (15:56)

  • Starting with GNC and getting involved (23:59)

  • Power of branding (29:43)

  • Using Social Media as backbone (31:32)

  • Struggles in business and overcoming (35:57)

  • The future of the Housing Market (38:03)

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