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Episode #46

Ryan Grover

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Finding Your Own Path in Life to Create Massive Success


Guest Bio:

Ryan Grover is a small business start-up specialist, group and project management, consulting, internet marketing. Particularly interested in creation and implementation of departmental systems and processes.


Specialties: Business operations, creative growth strategies, internet marketing, website creation and design, brand management.


Ryan is the Owner and Founder of MyFastPC and it is a godsend for anyone staring at the “spinning wheel of death” on their computer screen. The remote desktop support company helps users solve their technical difficulty woes without having to unplug and haul their computer into a repair shop. (Bless you, Ryan Grover.) The Vineyard resident loves reading (he currently has five books in rotation), seeing his employees progress and adapt, and Oteo lunch meetings.


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Show Notes :

  • Introduction (3:33)

  • What was it for Ryan that made him successful and his background (3:43)

  • Who is Ryan Grover in his perspective (4:41)

  • Ryan's view of college and philosophy (6:15)

  • What has helped Ryan in his business career (8:07)

  • Keeping an honest trait and choosing to never lie (9:33)

  • Learning that key is not being afraid of telling the truth (10:01)

  • Ryan personal life and getting married recently (15:09)

  • How you don't have to always follow the curve of life (23:30)

  • Learning that good communication is the key to success in life & business (27:15)

  • Dealing with divorce and how to overcome struggles (31:42)

  • Living single in the LDS Religion over 30 (33:30)

  • Ryan's reviews of Religion and finding his beliefs (35:10)

  • Choosing to live a life that impacts others (39:38)

  • Challenges in building his first business and how he grew it (41:50)

  • Google shutting down his business and how he built it back up (42:15)






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