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Episode #227

Ryan Stewman

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Bestselling Author Best Known As The "Hardcore Closer" Is Top Sales Trainer in the Country  

Guest Bio:

In order not to come off too “braggy” I’ll probably leave some of my accomplishments out of this as well. Just know, I’m a BAMF who is not afraid to fail or take action. I’ve never had a job with a salary. I’ve always worked hourly + commission or just straight commission. I’ve been in sales since I was 13 years old. I started out selling car washes in Plano, Texas. I became a record setting service advisor and I still hold sales and car count records at the wash where I worked. Because of my work ethic at the car wash, I was offered a job in mortgages, by one of the regular customers. She noticed my sales skills and offered me to become her apprentice at a mortgage company she owned. After some reluctance, I accepted. Within 30 days of working for her, I had made as much money as what used to take me 3 months at the car wash. I was hooked.


I did mortgages all the way up until 2010. Matter of fact, in 2009, the worst year on record for the industry, I closed 183 loans, still going strong. In 2010 however, the Government passed the Dodd Frank Act and due to my felony gun charges, I was unable to get a Federal mortgage license. I went from being one of the top producing mortgage people on the planet, to nothing. Overnight.

I was tired of working in places that controlled my income so I started my own business. I started managing social media for local real estate agents. I built the business to a 6 figure a year business, and then burned it down. I hated seeing other people get results in the industry I was forced out of. It killed me. So I shut it down.


During that time, I managed social media for over 70 people, I learned a lot. I gained prolific social media experience and I wanted to teach what I learned. Which is how Hardcore Closer was born. I decided I wanted to teach others how to sell online, instead of just doing it for them. This would allow me to reach more people and help change more lives.


That’s exactly what I did. In January of 2012, I registered and started teaching loan officers how to use social media to gain business from real estate agents. In the first year I did over 150k in gross sales. Year 2 we did over 300k in gross sales. As of 2016, which is year 4, we’ve closed over 2 million in gross sales. Now I teach people from all sales fields across all industries, how to sell online.

Show Notes

  • Introduction (1:12)

  • Taking responsibility for your own life (1:55)

  • Growing up in a battle (4:36)

  • Getting into selling drugs (6:27)

  • Being in prison and lessons (14:08)

  • Getting into the mortgage industry (18:32)

  • The force of average (20:57)

  • Hardcore Closer (24:16)

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