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Episode #308
Sam Rex

Sam Rex
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Jimmy’s Father & Author Of “The Hero Of Horseshoe Woods” Shares Story Of Dale Rex, Jimmy’s Great Uncle + WWII Hero

Guest Bio:

Sam Rex is the father of Jimmy Rex, nephew of Dale Rex, and author of “The Hero of Horseshoe Woods: The Dale Rex Story”. Over the last several years Sam has extensively researched his uncle Dale Rex, dug through old family records, traveled to battle sites in Europe, and studied historical documents on Private Dale Rex. His efforts have brought to light the story of a WWII hero that received the Distinguished Service Cross for his extraordinary acts of heroism in fighting the Germans on the Moselle Bridgehead in France.


Show Notes

  • Intro (2:34)

  • The story of Dale Rex (8:01)

  • Putting together “The Hero of Horseshoe Woods” (16:54)

  • Ranch life in Randolph, UT (20:03)

  • Being where the war took place (24:56)

  • Looking for those who knew of Dale Rex (32:29)

  • Honoring Dale Rex & the Dale Rex Memorial Award (36:13)

  • Being Jimmy’s dad (41:20)

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