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Episode #89

Sam Taggart

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Founder of Door2Door Con & One of the Greatest Door Salesman Dives Staying Motivated for Massive Success

Guest Bio:

Sam was born in Park City Utah and was raised in a family of Salesman and Entrepreneurs. At age 7 you would find Sam selling golf balls at the local course. Age 11 he started selling magazines D2D. Age 13-18 started a D2D company called "The Gutterman"  managing over 11 employees painting the addresses on the curbs. Grossed over $100,000 in sales through high school. Age 18 entered into Alarm Sales D2D and became one of the best Alarm reps in the industry. 2014 top rep of the year for Vivint, over 3000 active sales reps. 2016 Became VP of Direct Sales in the Solar industry and has successfully managed millions of dollars in revenue per month.


Guest Links:

Show Notes

  • Introduction (1:52)

  • Who is Sam Taggart and where does he get his ambition to succeed (4:58)

  • The Power of selling to strangers and door to door sells (11:42)

  • Using the power of learning from knocking on doors (17:11)

  • Creating a tribe to own what you do (19:05)

  • The power of keeping your motivation going and not settling for sub success (26:49)

  • Sam's routine to be successful (29:09)




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