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Episode #236

Samantha Skelly

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Author Best-Selling Book "Hungry For Happiness" & Expert In Breath Work & Self-Love Teaches Us How To Heal & Thrive In Our Bodies


Guest Bio:

I’m Samantha Skelly, most people call me Skelly, Skellz, Samwich, Spark Plug or Mom - you can choose your fav flavor.


What’s up new friend, I am so grateful you’re here.


For most of my life I’ve going against the grain and wanted to understand how we could do this ‘life’ thing differently. With more fun, more joy and more play. I’ve been obsessed with cracking the code on human potential and inspiring people to empower themselves.

I can’t empower you, I’m not God, or some ancient guru living in a temple. I’m just a regular Canadian chick who is obsessed with tacos, loves slip ’n slides, drops a few too many f-bombs (according to my Mom) loves pranking people for no reason and gets high off human connection.


I can’t empower you, BUT - I can inspire you to understand how to empower yourself.

Here’s the cool thing about this all…


We’ve been given everything we need inside our bodies to feel the way we so desperately want to feel (cliche AF, I get it) but hear me out for a hot minute…


Inside of you right now is everything you need to feel all you desire - think about this a sec, why do we do ANYTHING in life?


…it’s to feel something. More love More fulfillment More connection More ease More play


Show Notes

  • Introduction (2:46)

  • Finding within (3:11)

  • Going through struggles (6:43)

  • Breath work (9:59)

  • Healing trauma (15:08)

  • Finding the positives (28:16)

  • Ending the fight with food and body (38:36)

  • New Best-Selling Book (41:15)


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