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Episode #92

Scott Keller

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Real Estate Mogul & Top Political Donor Talks Living Life To The Fullest & How To Work Building a Life To Be Proud Of


Guest Bio:

Over the past 35 years, Scott C. Keller has become one of the largest single-private apartment owners in the Western United States. During this period of time, he has specialized in the acquisition and management of thousands of multi-family units throughout the Intermountain and northwest areas of the U.S.


In addition to large apartment communities, his personal investment portfolio has involved hotels, retail centers, student housing, senior housing, assisted living, and private equity investments.  His start in real estate began with small investments in four-plexes and single-family dwelling rental homes as a supplemental income source.  Mr. Keller’s business acumen, real estate savvy, and property management skills have allowed him to achieve substantial annual returns on his real estate investments that allow for such healthy and consistent growth in both up and down markets.  Because of his success, he is widely sought out as a real estate consultant in his community.  In addition, he has enjoyed a long-lasting relationship with several banks and lending institutions. 


From 1983 to 1987, and prior to becoming a real estate investor/entrepreneur full time, Mr. Keller traveled extensively throughout the United States as a consultant to the transportation industry, pertaining to long haul (semi trucks) class eight vehicles, cutting their annual operating expenses and taxes by millions of dollars each year.


From 1977 to 1983, Mr. Keller worked for Ryder Systems, Inc. and was advanced to District Rental Manager for commercial and rental installations in five states.  In 1982, he was one of eight out of 30,000 employees to be inducted into Rental Masters – the highest honor and level of recognition the company bestowed upon an employee for exceptional performance in all business functions.


He serves as chairman of the Utah American Diabetes Association and honored as Utah ADA Father of the Year. As a volunteer for the Romney Presidential campaign, Scott became a top fundraiser in the State of Utah. Since then, Scott actively supports many political candidates.  Further, he is involved in many philanthropic and charitable causes.


Earlier in life, he served a two-year voluntary mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and soon after guided whitewater​ tours down all major western rivers, including the Grand Canyon. Today he enjoys snow skiing, mountain biking, road biking, motorcycle riding, and frequent trips to Lake Powell with family and friends.


Mr. Keller lives in Bountiful, Utah and is happily married with five children, all in college or graduated.  He also has 10 grandchildren. He attended UNLV, Dixie College and BYU-Idaho with studies in Business.



Show Notes


  • Introduction (1:53)

  • How Scott Keller got into the real estate industry (2:45)

  • Scott's first mentor and how his father had major impacts (6:35)

  • Why did Scott purchase his first big apartment complex (11:15)

  • What advice does Scott have for a new beginner in investing (12:48)

  • The power of creating a good atmosphere for parties and networking (25:10)

  • How networking is a powerful tool (29:39)

  • Scott's different business avenues and investments (31:53)

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