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Episode #119

Sean Bingham

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Owner Of "AdventureHunt"  Recently Pitched His Company On ABC's "The Shark Tank" Shares His Experience On The Show


Guest Bio:

Entrepreneur. Founder and CEO of Adventure Hunt--As Seen On Shark Tank (dubbed by Shark Tank producers and major media outlets as "The Most Entertaining Shark Tank Pitch of All Time!" -, KZ Gear (acquired), & TopBlip (acquired by Gigg). 


Started career in sales, quickly becoming the no. 1 sales manager in the hyper-competitive home security industry (Pinnacle Security, acquired by Protection One). In less than 5 years, working just 4 months per year, led a team to over $8M in revenue.


Founded TopBlip in July 2010--a platform for musicians and fans to discover and share music. Raised over $3M in angel capital. Changed the way music is discovered and promoted. Acquired by Gigg in Sept. 2012.


Founded KZ as Kameleonz in June 2013 as a unique interchangeable sunglasses line that quickly took off online. 262% year-over-year growth. Floatable sunglasses became KZ's flagship product. KZ was acquired by a Cleveland PE group in May 2017. 


Founded Adventure Hunt in 2015 as a marketing event for KZ, but it grew far beyond that in just a few short months. Adventure Hunt hosts real life treasure hunts, scavenger hunts and corporate events all over the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Jan. 13, 2019 Sean appeared on ABC's Shark Tank with his brother/business partner Jared as they pitched Adventure Hunt to the Sharks in what is now called by major media and ABC "The Most Entertaining Shark Tank Pitch of All Time!"


Sean defines himself as a serial entrepreneur with a passion for adventure, sports, innovation, sales, marketing, networking and leadership.





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Show Notes


  • Introduction (2:08)

  • Experience and details of Shark Tank (4:09)

  • Sean doing door to door sales and before business (15:17)

  • Leaving the industry to start a music based online company (20:01)

  • Taking an idea and executing (27:17)

  • How they officially got on Shark Tank (37:33)

  • Dealing with expectations and pressure (46:59)

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