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Episode #20

Sean O'Connell

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UFC Fighter Proves with Hard Work Anything is Possible


Sean O'Connell made his professional MMA debut in 2007 with no previous training other than cardio kickboxing which he would do to help stay in shape. Despite having limited training, O'Connell was successful early on in his career and held an overall record of 6-2, which earned him an invitation to compete on The Ultimate Fighter where he became well known for his entertaining entrances to his fights. Sean also played College football at the University of Utah and was a popular Sports Broadcaster for many years.



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Show Notes:

  • Introduction [2:20]

  • What it was like for him being coached by Irvin Myer [3:40]

  • What it was like for him coaching under Kyle Whittingham [5:42]

  • The different shows he did along the way [6:15]

  • What drove his show [7:04]

  • His favorite thing for being the voice of a University on the rise[7:53]

  • The competition is what makes sports fun to watch [9:20]

  • How the fans were during rivalries [9:50]

  • How easy it was for him to get his first fight and the outcome of it  [12:18]

  • Where his passion grew for UFC [12:48]

  • When and why he started to take his passion serious [14:33]

  • The process before the "big show" [16:21]

  • Being able to keep a good sense of humor during UFC [18:42]

  • What age you should start getting into fighting [20:19]

  • The many ways martial arts is beneficial [22:50]

  •  What it was like for him to be the main attraction [25:20]

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