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Episode #02


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Winning the Right Way


Started his career as one of the first minority ethic lawyers to ever become partner in the state of Utah and is now the Utah Attorney General. Listen as we take a deep dive into his life and what it took for him to get to where his is today but also how he is better the lives of others through service unlike anything else.

Selected Links and People from the Episode:

  • Tony Robbins


Show Notes:

  • Introduction [1:30]

  • Sean on presenting Tony Robbins with an award on behalf of the state of Utah [2:00]

  • “I’ve always been about trying to protect people who can’t protect themselves” [2:58]

  • Sean on how his dad went from the personal artist to the Pope to being homeless [3:15]

  • How Sean’s upbring influenced his approach to politics [5:15]

  • The interview with a janitor that show’s Sean’s guiding principle [6:20]

  • Sean on the epidemic of teen suicide in Utah [10:01]

  • Sean’s diverse background and rich history and growing up by LAX [10:40]

  • On being exposed to different religions and cultures and the “great truths” [12:30]

  • How Sean got to Utah and his short “career” for BYU volleyball [13:40]

  • Sean on the culture shock going from BYU to Berkeley [15:40]

  • Sean on what it meant to become the first minority elected official in the state of Utah [16:30]

  • What does Sean hope for the future of politics [17:33]

  • On the dangers of just “letting politics happen” [18:40]

  • What does the typical day/week look like for Sean [19:23]

  • Sean on what “winning the right way” looks like [20:50]

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