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Episode #06


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Vulnerability is a Superpower


Guest Bio:


Sean whalen is the unapologetically direct CEO of the internationally renowned coaching and consulting company LIONS NOT SHEEP.  


His is social media videos and posts have been viewed over 310,000,000 times and every day tens of thousands of people across social media view his messages on politics, business, life, fitness, and family.  


Sean coaches & consults with entrepreneurs and corporations all across the planet on their social media marketing, branding and strategies. Sean is also an active and sought out public and motivational speaker and has spoken with sports teams, schools, sales organizations, executive management teams and military groups just to name a few.


Sean is the proud father of 3 little hell raising children, 4 horses, 3 dogs and calls the beautiful mountains of Utah home.


Personal Website

Lions Not Sheep Website


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Show Notes:

  • Sean on being the neighborhood entrepreneur as a little kid [2:12]

  • What it was like to go from real-estate multimillionaire to the housing crash, divorce, bankruptcy and Sean’s path to self discovery [4:00]

  • Sean on looking “successful” on paper but not feeling joy in his life [5:20]

  • Sean’s realization that freedom was the ultimate goal [8:15]

  • When Sean felt like he was living my life for everyone else [9:02]

  • Sean on coaches, being vulnerable and exploring the dark sides of who we are [9:25]

  • Sean describes one of the great superpowers [13:30]

  • Sean discusses getting a room full 500 entrepreneurs to admit things they’ve never told anyone [14:40]

  • Why telling his “truth” and attracted people and helped Sean stop feeling like an island [17:56]

  • On helping people tell the truth through Lions Not Sheep [19:01]

  • Sean on the difference between marketing through authenticity vs market research [19:40]

  • “You’re going to be judged either way.” How Sean got over being judged and helps his clients to do the same [20:27]

  • Sean on running for congress and his “why not” mantra for making decisions [23:40]

  • What is the question that Sean asks as a father more and more as he goes? [26:26]

  • “I can tell my son how to be a man, or I can let him watch me be a man” [27:10]

  • Sean on questioning his religious upbringing in a constructive way [28:24]

  • “If you tell me the wrong way to turn, we’re both going to die” [29:05]

  • Sean on the hypocrisy of teacher our kids to hustle and grind to build a business but then not spending time with them [29:56]

  • When Sean got emotional watching a friend complete the Baja 500 and 2 months later had a racing truck [32:25]

  • The story behind Sean’s purchase of a rugby team and the league not seeing his vision [32:57]

  • Sean on getting people to focus on what they’re good at and outsourcing the rest [35:00]

  • How Sean show’s his clients how to “eat the elephant” in 90 day increments [36:19]

  • Why Sean doesn’t look at the money first in a business transaction [38:30]

  • Sean reveals the story behind his lighthouse tattoo [40:37]

  • How a t-shirt sparked the concept behind Lions not Sheep [43:29]

  • Sean on the sheep like tendencies of media outrage [47:48]

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