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Episode #113

Setema Gali Jr

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Super Bowl Champion & Author Talks About Rock Bottom To Being One Of The Top Coaches, Trainer, & Motivational Speakers


Guest Bio:


Setema Gali is a living example of winning after the game. A former Super Bowl Champion with the New England Patriots. During college, he was an All-Conference defensive end and team captain at Brigham Young University. Since retiring from the NFL, he's built world-class businesses and teams in the areas of mortgages and real estate, direct sales, consulting, coaching and mentoring. Setema has faced hardship, the fall of markets, losses of a business he built and yet he has proven time and time again that mindset and discipline aligned with a holy mission can restore you to the top of your game. He has trained under and worked with the top coaches in the personal performance and business development fields. He is the creator and leader of the Prosperity Revolution―a movement of men and women across the globe who are ruthlessly committed to living powerfully and creating results that matter. He lives in Orange County California, with his wife Laina, and their three sons.





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Show Notes


  • Introduction (1:54)

  • Playing for the Patriots and his childhood (4:15)

  • The power of setting goals (6:53)

  • Figure out why something matters then work for it (9:53)

  • Losing everything and being depressed (19:21)

  • The power of taking action and hiring a coach (26:50)

  • Setema's teachings and 5 principles (30:18)

  • Confronting all of your issues (34:57)

  • Setting goals and New Years Resolutions (41:31)

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