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Episode #322
Shaahin Cheyene

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Iranian Immigrant & Founder Of Herbal Ecstasy Sold Over A Billion Dollars Of Product In The 90’s


Guest Bio:


Shaahin Cheyene is one of the world's top Amazon consultants, an award winning business mogul, author and filmmaker. Cheyene is currently the founder of a brain nutrition startup Accelerated Intelligence where he is positioning the enterprise to be the forerunner in the brain nutrition supplements market.


Shaahin Cheyene is the quintessential American success story, immigrating to America from Iran in 1980. As a teenager in the 1990’s Shaahin went from sleeping in his car to building a multimillion-dollar empire that spanned the globe by the age of 18 and began the “Smart Drug Movement” with his invention of Herbal Ecstacy, an energizing, herbal supplement designed to stimulate the body. With Herbal Ecstacy, Shaahin founded his first business venture earning him an international reputation and garnering the fierce attention of federal authorities.


Now, Shaahin is looked to as a top Amazon consultant with a business that helps others get into the world of Amazon.

Show Notes:


  • Intro (1:08)

  • Creating a legal alternative to Ecstasy (6:27)

  • Ingredients and making of herbal Ecstasy (8:55)

  • Pitfalls of a young business (10:42)

  • Dicey situations (13:23)

  • Pivoting into the vape world (18:20)

  • Making mistakes and surviving with “suicide margins” (20:56)

  • Entering Amazon (26:10)

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