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Episode #261

Shane Baldwin

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Former President Silverleaf Financial Gets Vulnerable & Shares How Prison Changed Him For The Better

Guest Bio:

Today on the show, Jimmy brings on someone that he feels has a story that deserves to be told and that is by a man named Shane Baldwin. 

Shane is the founder and president of the financial company Silverlead and about 5 and a half years ago he was sent to prison on financial crimes. He was recently released just 6 months ago after serving his time. 

Shane has a story that all of us can learn from. He is now doing really great things with his life and he is showing how members can do their time and be forgiven.

Show Notes

  • Introduction (1:47)

  • Getting into real estate (6:32)

  • Finding troubling (9:41)

  • Perfecting the craft (20:09)

  • Trying to clear the plate (28:27)

  • Heading to prison (31:32)

  • Whats next (51:23)


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