Episode #27

Shaun Michael

The Real Life Hitch; Jimmy Interviews World Renowned Pick Up Artist About Attractiveness



Selected Links and People from the Episode:


Show Notes:

  • Introduction [1:17]

  • Getting men to look past their nervousness toward women [3:05]

  • What he loves about it so much that he turned it in to his career [4:08]

  • Learning social skills and attraction skills [4:46]

  • Having your lifestyle match up [7:21]

  • Getting the skills so you can move past the pick up stage [8:13]

  • The five attraction figures and why they are so important [9:30]

  • Guys misinterpreting the signals from women [10:53]

  • Helping men be able to hit on women without it being considered harassment [13:26]

  • The importance of not only giving the girl you are interested in attention, but also her friends [15:00]

  • Certain books that can help you be more sociable and attract [20:04]

  • Taking action and not just waiting for it to happen [23:13]

  • Obeying the three second rule [23:58]

  • Going for what you want even after you have been rejected [26:12]

  • The basic mechanisms to attraction and getting the girl [31:17]

  • Not letting the anxiety cripple you [34:26]

  • Bringing value and stimulating the conversation by knowing what to say and when to say it [39:30]

  • How the dating world is different in Utah [44:28]

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