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Episode #62

Shawn Brenchley

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Co-Owner of Vivint & How To Turn Your Biggest trials Into Your Biggest Blessings



Guest Bio:

Utah Native, Shawn Brenchley is a husband, father, and entrepreneur to the extreme. Shawn grew up in American Fork, Utah where he struggled through school as a teenager but instead of giving up, he found ways to use his struggles for his own benefits.

Shawn found his success when he was apart of the door to door sales world where he started with the Utah Based company APX Alarm which turned quickly into the popular company, Vivint Smart Home. Shawn spent many years as one of the three main owners of Vivint, next to Todd Pederson and Keith Nellesen. Shawn was the Vice President of Sales and President of Recruiting until the company was sold just a few years ago where he decided to retire to enjoy life in a different direction.

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Show Notes


  • Introduction (3:15)

  • The success of Vivint and how it took off (4:20)

  • Know at what you are good at and what you are not good at (6:10)

  • Taking struggles and challenges and using them to become successful (10:01)

  • Ensure that you always do your research before making decisions (15:17)

  • Shawn's Lake Powell story of him crashing his boat (22:07)

  • How Shawn got introduced to Todd and Keith at Vivint (26:05)
  • Shawn's background on culture and how he built it around his companies (29:45)
  • How Shawn used events to help Vivint stand out to employees (35:40)
  • Teaching positive moral between the hardest jobs (40:18)
  • Why did Shawn decide to retire from Vivint (45:52)
  • What is next for Shawn in life (47:46)
  • Shawn's Bucket List (51:00)
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