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Episode #75

Shawn Rapier

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National Touring Stand Up Comedian & Business Owner Shares How he Keeps the Fun in Every Aspect of His Life



Guest Bio:

Shawn Rapier is a comedian, businessman, and family man. He is best known for his comedy acts like "Latter Day Live" and "Speaking in Sacrament". Shawn takes pride in his acts being family friendly and clean. Shawn has 7 kids of his own and is happily married while living in the State of Utah.


Even though most people know Shawn for his hilarious performance, Shawn is also a very sought out Executive for business. He has led some large brands through mergers and buyouts as the companies Executive Sales Manager and Partner.

Currently, Shawn has a popular Podcast called "Latter-Day Lives" which is an LDS Podcast that has had some amazing guests and viral episodes. 

Selected Links and People from the Episode:


Show Notes


  • Introduction (1:00)

  • Why Shawn was doing comedy and how Jimmy and Shawn met (2:23)

  • A time when people walked out on Shawn (4:43)

  • Going viral on YouTube (9:06)

  • Shawn on being a passionate sports fan (10:47)

  • Shawn on his business aspects and building businesses while doing comedy (17:42)

  • The time that it takes to come up with a joke and finding the ones that stick (29:59)

  • Some of Shawn's best jokes (36:04)

  • Why Shawn had to start looking into business (40:37)

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