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Episode #272

Stephen Jones
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Stand Up Comedian & LDS Seminary Teacher Has Great Advice On How To Connect With Your Kids

Guest Bio:

Stephen Jones is a Utah heavyweight when it comes to standup comedy. After releasing his widely popular “New Spice” comedy video, which has received over a million YouTube views, Stephen has become a hot commodity as a standup comic for corporate, community, and private events.

Whether he’s dancing on stage to a Beyonce hit or doing off-the-wall impersonations, audiences of all ages find themselves laughing uncontrollably to his hilarious routines. His clean and clever humor, charisma, enthusiasm, timing, amazing stage presence, and larger-then-life personality, have quickly made him one of the most recognized and appreciated comedians in Utah.


Show Notes

  • Introduction (1:05)

  • Diversity inside of Utah (3:43)

  • Charity (14:46)

  • Fear mixed with Love (20:45)

  • How to get involved with kids (28:11)

  • Letting our kids decide (37:09)

  • Power of reading (47:55)

  • Acting and Standup Comedy (50:01)


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