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Episode #17

Stephen Kirlew

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World Champion Arm Wrestler Never Allows Success to Alter his Beliefs


UK native, Stephen Kirlew has become a well-known name for his accomplishments as a Professional Arm Wrestler and his attitude of staying true to his beliefs, no matter the circumstance. Stephen beat 16 of the world's best arm wrestlers from Brazil, Armenia, Russia, and America to become the World Champion of arm wrestling 4 years in a row. His story is quite amazing because even though he had qualified for many years, he never would attend the Professional Armwrestling Conference Championship because the devout LDS Church member would not compete on Sunday's. Finally, they switched the day of the event and Stephen excelled right away becoming the number one arm wrestler.


Selected Links and People from the Episode:


Show Notes:

  • Introduction [1:28]

  • How he found his passion [3:51]

  • Where strength and power come from [4:50]

  • Why he never gave up [5:45]

  • Why he never competed on Sunday [6:30]

  • Sponsorship and traveling [9:12]

  • If you want to win, you have to lose [10:12]

  • Strategy to improve skills [12:56]

  • Drive to keep motivated [14:08]

  • How to continues through injuries [18:22]

  • Recommended techniques to succeed [22:15]

  • Advice for who/what you want to become [27:50]

  • Small and simple steps to achieving great things [29:15]

  • Giving back [31:17]

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