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Episode #78

Steve Maddox

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Owner & Founder of Utah’s Largest Homebuilder Edge Homes Shares His Inspiring journey to Building Utah’s Neighborhoods 



Guest Bio:

Steve Maddox is the founder and owner of Utah's largest homebuilder, Edge Homes. Edge has gained success on a quick pace after starting the company in 2008. Starting a development company during that year wasn't easy because of the market crash but with minds like Steve's and a passion to make an impact in the state of Utah, they put their head down and went to work. What makes Edge so unique is they are truly there for the buyer. They ensure that their customer service is what comes first. 


Outside of business, Steve finds his passion to be anything that has an adrenalin rush. Whether that is through some type of crazy sport or just going to the gym each morning with his sons, he finds his happiness with his heart pumping and sweat coming down.

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Show Notes


  • Introduction (1:35)

  • Edge Homes Previous Year (4:10)

  • How Steve got into the Development industry (5:37)

  • The effect of the 2008 crash and how it affected Steve (8:43)

  • The start of Edge Homes (13:06)

  • Becoming the largest Home Builder in Utah (17:35)

  • The hardest part about being a builder (18:59)

  • Keeping the relationship with the realtor is strong (22:05)

  • What is next for Edge Homes (24:31)

  • A deal that Steve bought that didn't work out (29:57)

  • What Steve does for fun in downtime (31:55)

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