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Episode #343
Taylor Frankie Paul

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Controversial TikTok Influencer & Entrepreneur Has Over 115 Million Likes On Her Viral Videos

Guest Bio:

Taylor Paul is a TikTok influencer that has amassed over 3 million followers and over 115 million likes on her viral videos. Much of her content is satirical and revolves around popular dances while other videos she creates to provide advice on hair and skincare routines. Taylor has also gained a large following on Instagram with over 150k followers on that platform. In addition to being a social media star, she is also the owner of Happy Valley Clothing.


Show Notes:


  • Building a massive following on TikTok

  • Dealing with judgment

  • How to grow a following

  • Creating controversy

  • What is real vs what isn't

  • Viral videos

  • Sleeping in separate room as spouse

  • TikTok Tips

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