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Episode #332
Teresa Young

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Host Of “The Respected Man” Helps Women Understand & Appreciate Why Men Desire Sex & Respect In A Relationship

Guest Bio:


Teresa Young is the host of “The Respected Man” podcast where she helps women to better understand, appreciate, and respect their man and his desires in a relationship. She does this by focusing on marriage, relationship, co-parenting, and divorce stories and the takeaways from these stories. Teresa has built a massive following on her TikTok (@teresalyoung) and Instagram ( accounts by sharing her views and knowledge with the internet.

Show Notes:


  • Intro

  • Noticing toxic behavior as a child

  • Coaching women to get into their feminine

  • How to approach the subject of sex in a relationship

  • Doing things with an agenda

  • Attractiveness in a man

  • Regaining power as a man

  • Putting expectations on others

  • Examples of healthy relationships

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