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Episode #210

The Bruces

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Son Was Killed By A White Supremacist In 2015 & Set Up Foundation In Son's Name To Spread Love Over Hate

Guest Bio:

The Larnell Bruce Jr. Foundation is 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to promoting love over hate, educating the public about hate crimes, helping hate crime victims deal with the trauma and loss during and beyond the conclusion of a criminal court case, and fighting to change laws to make hate crimes a serious crime with the appropriate punishment.


Larnell Bruce Jr., known lovingly as “Man Man” to family and friends, was born September 1, 1996 and grew up in Vancouver, Washington. He earned his nickname early on due to his energy for life. He was a busy, strong boy, tackling projects around the house, not waiting for his dad, Larnell Bruce Sr., to get on it!


Man Man love for football started at a young age and his talent grew as he got older. At one point, he had opposing coaches asking his coach not to let Man Man run the ball down the field.


Larnell was a beloved son, grandson, brother, nephew, uncle, and friend, who loved his family deeply. He cared for his grandparent’s home, labored in service of others and worked at a community center just before he was killed.


On August 10, 2016, Larnell was deliberately struck in a hit-and-run in Gresham, Oregon. He sustained life-threatening injuries and died on August 13, 2016.


Even in death Man Man served others. He was an organ donor. He donated his kidneys, liver, lungs and heart, saving the lives of five people.


His heart was gifted to a father and grandfather in his sixties—a retired Army Veteran.

His right kidney was gifted to a mother of four, currently enrolled in nursing school.

His left kidney was gifted to a married man in his sixties who works in quality assurance.

His liver was gifted to a man in his forties—a father of two teenagers.

His lungs were gifted to a man in his sixties whose renewed health will allow him more time
with his wife and children.


This tragedy was turned into a blessing for so many, and Larnell's final act has been a source of pride and inspiration for family and friends. Now, his family and this foundation will continue to champion this cause by holding fundraisers and speaking about the amazing gifts that come from organ donations.

Show Notes

  • Introduction (6:49)

  • Son being murdered at 19 years old (8:15)

  • Going through trial (10:28)

  • Dealing with racism (12:20)

  • What is going on right now (22:08)

  • Making the difference in changing laws (24:53)

  • Being leader of all people (31:17)

  • Describing his son (35:12)

  • Starting a foundation in son’s memory (38:47)

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