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Episode #321
Tiffany Peterson

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Speaker, Podcaster, & Life Coach Helps Empower Women Through Teaching Self Love


Guest Bio:


Tiffany Peterson is a seasoned speaker and international coach guiding individuals, teams, and audiences in creating thriving lives and business results. Before founding her own company, The Lighthouse Principles, Tiffany worked with and for many popular brands: Franklin Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, the world famous Rich Dad, Poor Dad series, and Jack Canfield, creator of The Chicken Soup for the Soul series.


Tiffany has been responsible for achieving sales budgets that range upwards of $40 million in annual revenue. She loves sharing her sales secrets and strategies with others to help them create a sustainable income living their business dreams.


For Tiffany, speaking and coaching is beyond a career or a job - it’s her calling. Her desire to help others overcome their obstacles and achieve their potential is what fuels her work and business and fulfills her souls purpose.

Show Notes:


  • Intro (1:00)

  • What it means to love yourself (5:42)

  • Self care practices (around (8:13)

  • Internal vs. external gratification (12:17)

  • Masculine and feminine (16:45)

  • Biggest issues facing women’s happiness in 2022 (23:02)

  • Change and choices (29:18)

  • Adding value (around 34:23)

  • How to make this year better than all others (41:16)

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