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Episode #04


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Plague Of Our Generation

Founder of the Non Profit Organization, O.U.R which is changing the world in a large way with giving the world a new hope. O.U.R. is an organization that is set up to save children across the world from Sex Trafficking.


Selected Links and People from the Episode:


Show Notes: (This are time stamped for the original recording of 27:20)

  • Intro of Tim [2:21]

  • Tim describes the “plague of our generation” that nobody knows about [3:03]

  • Tim on the astounding amount of money made in human trafficking [4:01]

  • On the parallels between historical and modern day slavery [5:20]

  • “There’s more people in slavery today than the in the history of the world” [6:09]

  • Tim’s background in the CIA, Homeland Security and undercover operations [6:53]

  • Why Tim needed the “Batman phone” because of limitations of jurisdiction [7:45]

  • Tim on deciding he needed to be the guy to call because Batman wasn’t showing up [8:43]

  • On the promise that pushed Tim to leave a comfortable job and start a non-profit [9:23]

  • “I can’t feed my kids in six months, but that’s where we were at” [11:15]

  • Tim on the experience that made him think “I will never stop this work” [11:40]

  • The sensitivity of working with foreign governments and reporting successes [13:19]

  • Tim on why his favorite rescues are the ones that never need to happen [14:58]

  • Why the Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL) coach Mike Tomlin reached out to Tim [15:36]

  • How a hail mary email to Glenn Beck launched O.U.R. and helped it thrive [17:38]

  • Tim on the “intervention” he needed to step back from the front lines and learn his new role [21:48]

  • Tim walks through what an undercover operation looks like [23:52]

  • What’s the best way to get involved? [26:57]

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