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Episode #103

Todd Sylvester

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Motivational Speaker Shares His Amazing Journey From Rock Bottom Drug Addict To Helping 1,000's To Recovery



Guest Bio:

For the last 25 years, Todd has served as a Mentor & Personal Development Coach for those looking to get more out of life, move beyond limiting beliefs and overcome addictions. Todd is an experienced motivational speaker and has conducted over 300 speaking engagement at businesses, seminars, schools, churches and for youth groups.


Todd currently works as an Addictive Voice Recognition Counselor at an addiction recovery treatment center for those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, where he provides one-on-one mentoring to both local and international clients. Described as having “a unique gift to develop trusting relationships quickly,” Todd has guided hundreds to sobriety and other behavioral successes through the individualized support he offers to each client. His ability to “speak to a person’s soul and help them find their true motive to change” has been the key for inspiring others to make permanent lifestyle changes.


Todd’s profound influence grew from his own personal experience — a journey from self-hatred and hopelessness to faith and recovery. At a young age, Todd was exposed to drugs and alcohol and quickly became addicted. Years of rampant drug abuse lead to devastating failures and a conclusion that his young life had nowhere left to go.


Change can come from the most unlikely of places. For Todd, that place was a neighborhood lemonade stand, when he made the spontaneous decision to become one little girl’s most generous customer. This simple act – and the positive reaction that came with it – provided Todd with a sense of hope that he had never felt before. Todd’s strengthening sense of purpose sparked a fervent determination to change his life and to prevent others from enduring the physical and emotional pain that had threatened his very existence. As he moved forward with newfound faith and a desire to serve others, Todd learned that the human soul – on fire – is more powerful than any addiction.


Today, Todd utilizes his firsthand fight against addiction to connect with fellow addicts on an authentic level and provide hope to thousands of teenagers, parents, and adults. His story was recently told through a popular YouTube clip titled “The Hope of God’s Light,” that received over 3 million views and has been translated into 3 languages.


Todd has been married to his sweetheart for 23 years. They have four children and live a happy, busy life together.





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