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Episode #53

Tom Dickson

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"Will It Blend?!" Blendtec Founder and CEO shares his genius behind blenders and viral marketing


Guest Bio:

CEO and Founder of Utah based company, Blendtec Tom Dickson has found himself as one of the most known entrepreneurs in the country. Tom has taken his mastermind of innovation and marketing to grow not only his businesses into extreme heights but also his personal Brand. He has been featured on shows like Jay Leno's Tonight Show, The Today's Thanksgiving Special, and Martha Stewart. He is also well known for his hit marketing videos "Will It Blend" which has a total of over 500 Million Watched Viewers. 


Tom is the complete mastermind of  "Will it Blend" and Inventor and founder of Blendtec and its line of blenders, mills, and mixers. Fabricated the first motion sickness patch (1971). Invented the first high-speed grain mill (1978). Specialties: Product innovation, speaking on Will it Blend, social media, and viral marketing. 


Selected Links and People from the Episode:


Show Notes


  • Introduction (1:49)

  • Family life for Tom and becoming a Great Grandpa recently (2:56)

  • Involving Family into all of Tom's businesses (3:38)

  • Bringing all manufacture into the United States and especially in Utah (5:35)

  • What brought Tom's mind to engineer things to be faster (7:15)

  • Tom's first business in High School and how he accomplished the workload (12:02)

  • What started Tom into his Inventing life path (12:52)

  • Dealing with ADHD and using it as an advantage (13:57)

  • Tom's parents and how their random successes helped him become the person he is today (18:15)

  • Why Tom started a motion sickness patch in the 70's and why he moved from California (20:10)

  • What did it take for Tom to jump to his first idea and quit his job (28:32)

  • Dealing with someone stealing his ideas and bouncing back from a mishap (33:00)

  • The start of his company, Blendtec (34:15)

  • Dealing with lawsuits and having to keep people away from taking his product (39:50)

  • One of his bigger deals with Jamba Juice (44:10)

  • Viral Marketing and how Tom was the first person to do it the right way  (46:43)

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