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Episode #72

Tom Welch

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Utah Business tycoon and current Maverick President speaks on how to build a world-class company



Guest Bio:

Residents of Utah should know Tom Welch has an Olympic hero. It was he, more than any other single person, who was responsible for bringing the 2002 Olympic Winter Games to Utah.


Tom attended Ogden High School, served as student body president at Weber State University and earned a degree from George Washington University Law School. Upon his return to Utah, he became the first in-house attorney, vice president and general counsel for the fledgling Smith’s Food and Drug. Welch was the principal officer who took the company to the New York Stock Exchange. That single action created more overnight millionaires in Utah than at any previous time.


Tom currently serves as the CEO and president of Maverik Inc. Which is growing rapidly as one of the top convenience store chains in the entire country.

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Show Notes


  • Introduction (1:40)

  • Tom on his hope on bringing an NFL team to Utah (2:35)

  • What Tom did before he became a top-tier entrepreneur (5:45)

  • Why Tom loves the state of Utah and how he came to find that love (6:45)

  • Tom on bringing the Olympics to Utah (9:53)

  • Tom's thoughts on being charged for bribery and getting the charges dismissed (14:21)

  • How to keep a business going through changes (19:25)

  • Being the President and CEO of Tom Welch (21:32)

  • How to get the best employees and keep them (22:54)

  • What advice does Tom have for people regarding the future (31:02)

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