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Episode #294
Tony Kassaei

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Turn Your Mess Into Your Message; Former Insider In Wall Street Now Uses Skills To Help Others Beat The Rigged Game Of Investing

Guest Bio:

Tony Kassaei is a legendary wealth advisor, speaker, co-founder of multiple companies, investor, and Apex executive member who specializes in revolutionizing the way entrepreneurs and business owners approach their finances, especially where it concerns taxes. Tony is dedicated to helping clients bridge the gap between tax codes and the CPA firm to maximize their resources and grow like crazy.

Show Notes

  • Introduction (1:34)

  • The game of investing (4:22)

  • The system being rigged (10:58)

  • The fall and challenges (12:34)

  • His side of the story (21:18)

  • Secrets behind investing (36:40)

  • The Power of Broke (44:39)


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