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Episode #91

Travis Hansen

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Former NBA & BYU Star Talks How He Evolved After His Basketball Career to Start-up a Very Successful Company



Travis Hansen learned leadership during nearly two decades on the basketball court for UVU, BYU, and the NBA. Now he’s fast-breaking on the wave of entrepreneurism. “Surfers paddle 90 percent of the time, and 10 percent of the time they get to ride the wave,” Hansen says. “We call those moments our ‘Tesani moments’ and we create them inside our companies.” Hansen’s itch to still play on a team led him to be recruited by Deseret Book’s Sheri Dew to write “The Next Few Years Will Change Your Life.” And now his go-to play is changing others’ lives, first with Sunshine Heroes that has benefited 450,000 children around the world, and now rebounding business strategies with his 55 employees at Tesani, a holding company. His roster of brands includes Eddy HR, Lift Credit, Capital Choice and Tech 9.







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