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Episode #37

Ty Foster

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Navigating a Life of Integrity After Losing Father to the War at Age 5



Guest Bio:

A business development professional, author, and speaker, Ty Foster has dedicated his entire life to helping others and living with the utmost integrity. He's the son of a military veteran that died while serving his country. This experience has shaped his life and helped pave the pathway to success. He was just five when his father was killed while serving on board USS Stark. He was there and remembers when the knock came and goes deep into detail on this podcast.


Ty is currently running for Utah State Legislature, where he sees a perfect fit for him to go and start building something bigger and better.


Selected Links and People from the Episode:


Show Notes


  • Introduction [0:52]

  • What pushed him to jump into politics [3:00]

  • Importance of family relationships as a child [5:11]

  • Losing his father along with 36 other sailors at age 5 [5:53]

  • The collateral damage that affected his family after his father's death [7:45]

  • Later finding out that his father saved somebody else [9:00]

  • Being afraid to love and be loved [9:29]

  • Being able to reflect on his dad's life helped him embrace who he truly is [11:00]

  • How the world may view a father [11:36]

  • We are what we believe and what we believe is what we do [13:24]

  • Trusting the process and being patient with yourself [14:37]

  • Incorporating the life lessons he learned in his past to his kids lives now [15:55]

  • The difference you make in a child's life just saying I love you [17:20]

  • The daily positive affirmations that can empower a child's life [20:20]

  • Betting on yourself and being self-aware [23:11]

  • How words can elevate a person to a whole new level [30:21]

  • Helping other people with what they want out of life through speeches [31:50]

  • Loving to correct ourselves but not wanting others to correct us [32:43]

  • True self-worth and self-confidence comes from achievement [34:28]

  • Love is the piece that holds everything together [36:43]

  • How your energy affects everybody around you [40:12]

  • Becoming the average of the five people you spend the most time with [40:29]

  • FIghting for the things he believes just like his father did [46:09]











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