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Episode #248

Tyler Turner

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After Losing Both Of His Legs In Skydiving Accident, Ty Is Now Prepping For The Paralympic Games As A Snow Boarder


Guest Bio:

Tyler Turner wants to be the world’s first bilateral amputee wingsuit pilot—and he wants you to jump out of an airplane.

“I think every amputee should try skydiving,” says Tyler Turner. Easy for him to say. A veteran of hundreds of jumps, Turner’s far removed from the terror that grips most people at the thought of leaping into thin air from 8,000 feet.

Then again, maybe he’s not completely immune to fear. Turner lost both legs below the knee because of a skydiving accident three years ago, a freak crash during an otherwise routine landing. He spent four days in a coma and months on painkillers, battling depression and addiction while he confronted the loss of his identity as a skydiver, snowboarder, rock climber, and all-around extreme-sports adventurer.

That’s what makes Turner’s return to aerial action all the more remarkable. He’s not only back to where he was before the accident, making multiple jumps a day as a skydiving instructor. Turner has actually gone above and beyond his previous heights, positioning himself to become the first bilateral amputee in history to pilot a wingsuit.


Show Notes

  • Introduction (1:21)

  • Losing both legs in Skydiving accident (3:01)

  • Waking up in the Hospital (8:25)

  • Addiction and Recovery (18:51)

  • Finding happiness and hope (28:16)

  • Supporting cast (33:57)



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