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Episode #232

Tyler Bennett

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Jimmy's Real Estate Partner & Investment Specialist Explains How He's Helped Sell 5,000+ Investment Properties

Guest Bio:

Tyler Bennett has a vast experience in real estate and lending.  He currently holds a mortgage license, real estate license, and an insurance license, all in the State of Utah.


Over the past 10 years, he has successfully helped investment buyers purchase and rent over 4000 single family residences.  He is personally active in many forms of real estate including rentals, repositioning, developing, and the buying and selling of many types of assets.  He also owns an insurance office and with his wife, Leigh, owns award-winning Amara Day Spa Salon & Boutique, which has several locations and employs over 115 people.  He is active in mortgages, personally transacting over $300 million in volume and managing teams that have produced over $900 million. 


Tyler serves on the board of directors of a water company and enjoys being actively involved in securing clean, healthy water to the residents of the HOA.  Tyler and Leigh live in Lindon, Utah with their four children.

Show Notes

  • Introduction (3:13)

  • Owning a business during Covid-19 (4:05)

  • Taking advantage during times (10:46)

  • The ability to focus (12:19)

  • Starting a day spa with spouse (14:40)

  • Getting into real estate (22:50)

  • Investing in Real Estate (34:44)

  • Finding the right market (36:45)

  • Joining the right team (38:42)

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