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Episode #306
Veneta Nikolova

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Creator Of "Sacred Shadows" + Discuss Exploring Our Dark Side To Heal Our Inner Self

Guest Bio:

Veneta Nikolova is an expert in the shadowy side of society and specializes in shadow work, kink, and the Tantra. Being an intimacy mentor and relationship coach, Veneta uses her course “Sacred Shadows” to help people deepen their connection with themselves and others by tapping into their shadow side.

Show Notes

  • Introduction (0:54)

  • The "witch" archetype and history (2:03)

  • Deepening intimacy and connection within oneself and others (9:20)

  • Defining and understanding "the shadow" (13:48)

  • Shadow work in relationships (20:27)

  • Conversations around kink (28:17)

  • Exploring your shadow self (44:26)

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