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Episode #184

Vess Pearson

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Co-Founder Aptive Pest Control Shares Story of Building Massive Company With Over 3,000 Sales Reps In Less Than 5 Years

Guest Bio:
Vess Pearson is the CEO and co-founder of Aptive Environmental, a provider of environmentally responsible residential and commercial pest solutions. Pearson founded Aptive in late 2015, and within just three years the company rocketed to $137 million in annual revenue. Today, Aptive services customers in more than 3,700 cities across 26 states and it ranks as the 8th largest pest control company in North America out of more than 20,000 competitors.

As a leader, Vess places a heavy emphasis on Aptive’s core values and unique employee culture, which has led his organization to win awards such as GlassDoor’s Top 100 US workplaces for 2019 - the youngest company to make the list - and Entrepreneur Magazine’s Best Companies in America.

Prior to Aptive, Vess was instrumental in building Alterra Pest Control, the sale of which allowed him and his business partner, David Royce, to build the fastest-growing pest control company in the industry.


Show Notes


  • Introduction (2:31)

  • Where Aptive Stands today (3:07)

  • Playing game of Around the World for 500K (4:27)

  • Staying structured at a young age (5:51)

  • Creating strong habits (7:35)

  • Getting started in the door to door industry (8:50)

  • Becoming the number 3 pest control company in the world (11:51)

  • Working with Charities + Playing golf with Tiger Woods (13:37)

  • Making it hurt to leave an impression (20:04)

  • Staying ahead and on schedule (22:11)

  • Centering success around high emotional intelligence (24:43)

  • Outside of business (30:39)

  • Dealing with tough times with a backwards approach (40:15)

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