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Episode #399
Whitney Berge

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“The Blonde Who Bakes” Social Media Influencer Has Built A Following Over 1 Million By Following Her Passion


Guest Bio:

Whitney Berge, better known on social media as The Blonde Who Bakes has amassed a huge online following of more than 1 million with her viral baking videos! Whitney originally started her baking career by opening a bakery, but later closed the doors to focus on her family life by being a mom. Shortly after, Whitney re-visted her her passion for baking, this time in the form of teaching others how to do it on her social media pages! She has now extremly well known in the baking community and specializes in cakes and macaroons.


Show Notes:

  • Intro

  • The Blonde Who Bakes

  • Getting started in baking

  • Building with a passion

  • Creating content

  • Doing things outside of your comfort zone (cakes and macaroons)

  • Baking classes

  • Do what you know

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