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Episode #14

Woody Woodward

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Your Emotional Fingerprint to Finding Fulfillment & Happiness


Business Strategy Coach, Consultant, and Serial Entrepreneur, Woody Woodward, takes a deep dive into what its like to live a day in his life and how his past has truly formed him into who he is today and why he does what he does. Woody has written over 40 different books and now helps countless people by teaching them to truly maximize their opportunity in business and in life by helping them live life internally instead of externally.


Selected Links and People from the Episode:


Show Notes:

  • Introduction [1:00]

  • Having fun while doing business [5:00]

  • How to gain back what was lost [11:00]

  • What he changed to not repeat the past [13:35]

  • Living internally [16:08]

  •  Difference between internally and externally [19:23]

  • Five stages of beliefs [27:44]

  • Having a good mindset [29:00]

  • The importance of reading [30:00]

  • Advice on getting back on track [31:45]

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