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Episode #296

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Rapper, Thought Leader & Influencer Talks About The Madness Around The Covid-19 Pandemic 

Guest Bio:

Zuby is an independent rapper, podcast host, author, public speaker and creative entrepreneur, with over 800,000 followers online. He was born in England, raised in Saudi Arabia and is a graduate of Oxford University. He has sold over 30,000 albums independently, performed in 8 countries and achieved over 10 million online video views.
Zuby has featured on The Joe Rogan Experience, BBC, Fox News, Sky News, The Adam Carolla Show, The Rubin Report, The Candace Owens Show and The Ben Shapiro Show, amongst others.

Show Notes

  • Introduction (1:32)

  • Lack of courage (4:54)

  • Watching on a global scale (10:01)

  • Mask Mandate (13:32)

  • The extreme over a shot (22:15)

  • Finding trustworthy sources (34:58)

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